Monday, September 22, 2008

Studio Open House - September 19, 2008

Our most recent studio open house was well attended.

Sheryl Thornton, who I share the studio with and me just before the show.

Kevin's jazz band, Svengali, setting up to perform on our studio back porch. It was such
a treat to have the music so nearby during the evening.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Governor's Mansion Solo Show--June 2, 2008

I used this painting of the Governor's Mansion on the invitations.

Governor Huntsman hosted an art reception and exhibit for me at the historic Kearn's Mansion. (Now the current Governor's Mansion). Earlier this year the Utah State Capitol bought several of my paintings which were hung in the Governor's wing there. One of these was a painting of the Governor's Mansion that Governor Huntsman liked and had made into prints for visiting dignitaries and family members as gifts. To thank me for letting him use the painting, he hosted a private reception and art exhibit for me which he attended and spoke at.

Several paintings in the show featured the famous landmarks of Southern Utah, this one is Delicate Arch which I have hiked to and photographed. It is a breathtaking sight.

Some of my favoite subjects to paint are the historical structures and landmarks of Utah. This painting is the old Park Building at the University of Utah, where I went to school and also worked in years ago. All of the paintings for this show were in this genre, so I could not have ever dreamed of a better backdrop for them to be displayed against than the beautiful Kearn's Mansion.

Standing in the entry after the show.

Greeting guests in the ornate entyway.

Paintings in the Governor's Study.
This beautiful sitting room was my favoite. The paintings were displayed on easels throughout the main floor.
Images in the museum room.

Paintings on the piano.

Governor Huntsman greeting our granddaughters, Makenzie and Eliza.

I was invited to make a few remarks.

Governor Huntsman making his remarks.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UWS Workshop--March 6-8, 2008

In March, I had the honor of teaching a workshop for the Utah Watercolor Society. It was a huge amount of work, but also very rewarding.

Our group shot on the last day. I learned to really love these ladies! They were so much fun.

Janet, trying out the new techniques.

The students at work. They were awesome artists.

Two of my good art friends in the class, Crystal and Karen.

The class watching the demo. No pressure whatsover. I had to sit on a package of diapers to reach my easel comfortably. (This also served as protection in case I had an accident from the pressure of demonstrating).

Still demonstrating.

The group gathered for the lecture.

My trusty assistant, Brittney, (my daughter) who everyone fell in love with at the workshop.
She drove down from Logan to help me out. She is also an artist.

My demo piece, demonstrating a first wash.

Talking about supplies.

Monday, August 25, 2008

American Watercolor Society 2005 Exhibit

My husband, Jim, and I at the Salmugundi Club prior to the AWS dinner, in New York City.

I finally got a second painting accepted into the AWS show! ( Shown in the center) The director called me from New York to tell me he had some good new and some bad news. The bad news? My painting had been slightly damaged in transit and I would have to pay to have it rematted. (No problem). The good news? "Are you sitting down?" he asked. "Your painting won the Gold Medal!"

My painting was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor, which was one of the greatest thrills of my whole art career!